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Located in Northwestern Colorado, Hellander Outfitting specializes in mountain lion, elk, bear and mule deer hunts. We provide five full days of hunting. We also provide hound training and exercising. Call for full service and on-call hunts 970.620.0776.

Hellander Outfitting, a family owned and operated business, hunts in units throughout 50,000 acres of private land as well as all BLM in the White River and Little Snake River BLM Management Areas, and the National Forest Units 12 and 23.

Come and have the time of your life as you follow and listen to our pack of hounds chase and catch a trophy of a lifetime.

Professional Guides:
Russell Geidd
Bailey Hellander
Bronc Hellander
Beau Hellander
Candi Hellander
Ron Amack

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